portBuck Taylor has been looking at the world through a camera lens for over 40 years. He has always had a genuine love for the outdoors and the countless variety of flora and fauna God created. Traveling extensively for over 25 years, he wrote and illustrated magazine features for sporting publications, all the while polishing his camera craft. In late 2007 he purchased his first digital camera, a Nikon with two zoom lens, and discovered a whole new world at his fingertips. Almost every image you find on these web pages was taken with that digital gear, then cropped and uploaded.

Buck’s wife, Theresa, has been a constant companion and “spotter” since even before he entered the digital realm. “In addition to being a lot prettier, she has better eyes than I do,” he says. “A good many of the most difficult-to-get shots you see of wary birds would have been missed had Theresa not been there to point them out to me so I could prepare for the stalk.”

The couple lives on a 500-acre farm in South Georgia, and at times can photograph deer and turkey in their front yard. “Our land is a great source of enjoyment and inspiration,” Buck states. “And we often find unique things around here to shoot.”
A perfect example of that would be the extraordinary series of colorful mushroom and fungi images on this website under the category “Nature.” All those images were taken in a single afternoon four days following heavy rains from remnants of a hurricane in the Gulf.

“I may be a fair-to-middling cameraman,” Buck concludes,” but God gets all the credit and glory. In one way or another He actually made all these things. I just try to take good pictures of them.”

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